stands for the aromatic bull's eye of our Swiss apple.
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"WILHELM" - based on the Swiss national hero William Tell - is the name of the drink that Indiedrinks GmbH from Meilen launched in 2020. With our apple liqueur, we bring Switzerland's favorite fruit into the cocktail glass. For the indescribable Sweet & Sour, which we have loved since biting into our first break apple. "Wilhelm" symbolizes our drive for the freedom we cherish but never take for granted.


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Digital Experience


Videos and sound underscore the digital experience on this website. The five signature drinks with WILHELM can be experienced through the color-coordinated scroll animation. - Recipes made tasty -
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"Young and dynamic is exactly what we needed."
Kamylla Lisi-Brandino
Co-Founder "WILHELM